Visual Style

Redacted UI with Motion

Continuing on the success of the Safety Campaign, we evolved the redacted UI by bringing in animated moments. Working alongside a team of motion designers, a motion style was defined to demonstrate each proof point on how a user can take action in their Google account.

Built on Figma

With the need to work quickly across a large number of teams and with a large volume of content, the internal team at R/GA pushed to use Figma for this project. In addition to saving time with version control across designers, Figma allowed for quick collaboration on new ideas with the client, oftentimes in the form of a quick prototype of new modules for approval.

Working with Brand Standards

Working alongside the Google Brand Standards team, I built upon the Google design system by adding new modules to create a templated page. This template was shared across product teams as a creative guide for how to show the ways Google builds in privacy and security to all their products.